Magazine and Anthology Publications

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Fall 2009-Fall 2016

Each issue features up and coming talent in the Gothic horror genre, featuring vampires and the paranormal.

Dark Gothic Resurrected Fall 2009

                                                                                      My short story Old Woman is featured here. Available on Amazon!

Fall 2009 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, featuring interviews, Book & Movie reviews, and stories art and poetry by the latest talented voices in the genre!

Featured Authors and Artists: Spider, Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, John Neumeister, Kevin Brown, Rebecca Sarte, John Grey, Gail Gray, Robert Jaison Black, William Sanders, Janie Hoffman, David McLean, Joseph Gant, Allen Huntsman, Rig M., Justin Ehrlich, Robert Eccles, David Renfrow, Anthony Beal, Danial P. Coughlin, Kenneth Johnson.

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Spring 2010

                                                                                     This issue features my short story Lights Out. Available on Amazon!

Authors Featured in this Issue: Nick Miller, David Perlmutter, Deborah Walker, Philip Roberts, Allen Huntsman, Rodney Ramos, Christopher Dwyer, Mark Mellon, Jack Reese, Michael Upshaw, David Renfrow, John Neumeister, Charles Muir, Gary Beharry, Mike Phillips, Barry Sykes, Kim Thorsrud, Jutter Caine, Nathaniel Brehmer, Aaron French, Lisa Sheep, Gerald Vincent, Brigid Burke, Joshus Biddle, TK Turner, Laura Eno, Kimberly Steele, Chris Castle, Willow Raven, Jeff Mullen,

Interviews: Mahogany Silverrain: Paranormal Romance/Erotica author, Annie Alverez: Paranormal Erotica author, Jeff Hartz of BUZZWORKS, Gil Merritt: Creator of AMPUTHEATER, Belladonna Drakul: Paranormal Author, and Annie M. Vicar: Doll Artist, Artwork by Rig M. The V Files spotlights Stuart Townsend.

The BATTY BOOKSHELF features releases from Kelley Heckart, Ronna Gage, Dawne Dominique, Laura Tolomei, Belladonna Drakul, Wayne Mallows, Mahogany Silverrain, and Tony-Paul De Vissage

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine Fall 2016

                                                                                    My short story Hooked is featured here. Available on Amazon!

Features Stories and Poetry by Bradford T. Brazeal, Pathos, Ray Prew, Matthew Borczon, Tobias K. Phipps, Robert Beveridge, Marc Carver, Ken Allan Dronsfield, Moss Jeffers, Philip Athans, Natalie Crick, Christy Chajon, Jason Constantine Ford, John Timm, Sandro D. Fossemo, Stephen McQuiggan, Peter Macquarrie, Christopher Hivner, Matt Scott, Michael Tugendhat, Charles Gramlich, Shaun Mclaren, Viktor Wolfe, Ken Poyner, Allen Huntsman, David Perlmutter, and Christy Poff.

Blood Moon Rising Issue 76

                                                                                   This magazine features my short story Skin Deep.

Featured Authors: Melissa L. Webb, Ray Prew, Allen Huntsman, Stanley Wilkin, David George, James Kidd, David Estringel, Kelly Glover, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Bryan Novak, and Micah Castle

Poetry Authors: Meg Smith, Brian Barnett, John Grey, Donna Dallas, Holly Day, Judson Michael Agla

Interview: Online Horror Author Spooky Boo

The Rose Files: Ghost on a Plane!

Terror Tube: American Horror Story

Making Monsters: Robert Kinoshita-Master of Robots

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema, Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews

Dark Dossier: Ghosts, Aliens, Monsters & Killers #57

My story Lights Out is featured here. Available on Amazon.